Sunday, April 29, 2012

ASOS June 2012

Shailene Woodley graces the cover of ASOS' June issue and I kind of love it. She's so precious and I've missed her. She was everywhere a few months ago, during Oscar season, but then I feel like she left us. I love her. I want to be friends with her. In the interview she says "I'm excited to become a badass archer... I want to be like Katniss." UM I am obsessed with "The Hunger Games," Katniss and the idea of archery. We could totally be best friends. If I can't have her friendship, can I at least have her hair? It's fantastic.
I love love love love love this. I even like the denim shirt. LEAVE ME ALONE, PEOPLE. I can change my mind sometimes. I also need to figure out this sunglasses situation because I think I may or may not have to have them.
She's so pretty. I WANT HER HAIR. I mean that in a super non-creepy sort of way. Like, I want my hair to look like hers. You know?
I hate the sunglasses and I hate the pajamas. Pajamas are NEVER meant to be worn outside. Especially whilst hanging from a tree. C'mon, Shailene.
Barefeet forever freak me out in photoshoots. It's a thing.

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