Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Teen Vogue April 2012

Ah. This is kind of perfect. And by "kind of," you know that I mean "completely." Ashley Benson (One of my favorite "Pretty Little Liars," by the way. Shh don't tell the others.) graces the cover of Teen Vogue's April issue. This shoot is the epitome of spring and the 1950s and I love it. I love it so. I also broke my rule and read the interview online and I decided that Ashley Benson and I should be friends. I know what you're thinking "You are so weird, Erin." Well, you're wrong. That's what I think. Also, I am lusting over her haircut. I am thisclose to cutting my hair, but I won't. Mostly because then I'll spend a month complaining about how I hate it. It's my thing, I can't help it.
Have we ever talked about my weird obsession with photoshoots that take place in a diner, restaurant, etc.? No, I don't think we have, but I love them. A lot.
OBSESSED. This is my favorite. I am crying over these Prada sunglasses. I need them in my life like, yesterday. I also need this Tommy Hilfiger leather jacket and Jil Stuart skirt. This color combination shouldn't work, but it does.
She's so cute!

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