Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Marie Claire April 2012

Praise the Lord! Or at least the people over at Marie Claire. Scratch that, praises to all! My ultimate girl crush, Leighton Meester, graces the cover of Marie Claire's April issue. I am overjoyed, my friends. OVERJOYED. She looks stunning and is honestly better than ever. I can barely remember the last magazine cover she had and I am so glad it was this one. I mean, they went from Christina Aguilera to Eva Mendes to Leighton Meester. Just when I was questioning them, they redeemed themselves. I AM SO EXCITED.
Well, she looks absolutely incredibly stunning.
I love this Vionnet dress. Well, what I can see of it at least. Did I mention that she looks gorgeous? Because she does.
Look at her being all fierce and such. I don't like her Calvin Klein outfit. It's ugly.
Do you hate that I don't hate this Theyskens' Theory dress? Because I don't. I want to, but it's kind of fairytale-esque and fun.
I love this. This Dolce & Gabbana dress is kind of magnificent.
Flawless. The flower is annoying though, but I know that's not her fault.

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