Saturday, March 31, 2012

Glamour UK April 2012

I mean, yes. It did take me this long to finally write about this. Leave me alone. Jennifer Lawrence graces the April cover of Glamour UK and I am kind of obsessed with these pictures. I think I am mostly obsessed with this cover. Sure, this Prada bodysuit has been worn by everyone and their Mom, but she fills it out the most and I love that. She's rocking it like none of the other models and/or celebrities have. I respect that. I respect her. Hell, I even respect the bodysuit. You are awesome, Jennifer Lawrence, please never change. Also, I saw "The Hunger Games" again tonight, just in case you were wondering.
I mean... She's kind of amazing. Try and prove me wrong. Go ahead, try. Only don't, because you will make me mad and no one wants that. Believe you me.
GORGEOUS. Oh my gosh.
I am so over beach pictures, but this one is so darling and lovely that I forgive it for being a beach picture.

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