Monday, March 12, 2012

ELLE April 2012

Oh gosh. I seem to have forgotten Jessica Simpson on the last blog post about celebrities hating me and my eyeballs. Okay, fine, she wasn't in charge of this photo shoot but she does have the power to say no. I mean, she got pregnant out of wedlock, so maybe she doesn't... (Was that too mean? C'est la vie.) She graces the cover of ELLE's April issue and is all kinds of pregnant. Here's the thing, I know a lot of things freak me out; velvet, lobsters, the doctor, blood, needles but pregnancy pictures kind of take the cake. After anything dealing with blood or doctors, of course. I kind of think pregnancy is creepy as it is. (My friend is currently pregnant and she sent me a text a few days ago about how her baby now has ears and can hear music. IT'S SO WEIRD. But I love her and her baby already, so I can get past it.) But pregnancy photos are just the worst. I honestly don't want to see your husband/babydaddy kissing your naked stomach. I feel like that is private and I should not be a part of it. Now I ESPECIALLY don't want to see it plastered all over a magazine. Fortunately, Jessica Simpson has decided to ignore me and grace the cover of ELLE just to talk about her unborn child. Ugh. People sometimes. I'm sorry no, I meant celebrities sometimes. (There's a difference.)
Okay, whatever. She actually does look really pretty. And this isn't AS bad but I still don't love it.
This is SO unsettling. I feel so uncomfortable that I almost didn't want to post this, but I feel as though you need to experience the uncomfortableness that I (along with the rest of America) am currently feeling.

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