Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Marie Claire March 2012

Ugh. Just know that I used some really dramatic, Liz Lemon-esque eye rolling when I saw this. Eva Mendes (I'll just remind you that we don't like her because she's a) Sleazy and b) She's dating Ryan Gosling.) is on the cover of Marie Claire's March issue and I am quite honestly puzzled. Like, out of all the people, Eva Mendes? Really? Shut it down. Also, does she ever close her mouth all the way? Gosh.
Her makeup and this facial expression are not doing her any favors. Also, I am obsessed with this bodysuit and this was a waste. (I haven't eaten much today, that's why I am extra cranky. Also, I don't like her).
I do like this Dolce & Gabbana bustier, Agent Provocateur by Linda Farrow sunglasses (Seriously, gimme!) and Marc Jacobs head wrap. Damn you, Eva!
She has pretty hair. Whatever.
I need these Markus Lupfer pants like, yesterday.

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