Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Vogue February 2012

Literally, what is going on over at the Vogue offices? Taylor Swift is Vogue's February covergirl and I'm just... Puzzled. Yes, puzzled is a good word. Yes, she's precious and yes, I still kind of want to be friends with her, but at the same time, is she really Vogue COVERGIRL material? Probably not. I'm also not loving her bangs, even though she did cut them for/during this photoshoot. And maybe I'm just mostly frustrated over the editing of these pictures. It's heinous and it kind of makes me want to write a letter to Anna Wintour. Again. Am I being too harsh on Country's Princess? That's what they call her, right?
Okay, I actually do like the cover. She looks pretty. But I just don't understand the rest of this photoshoot. It's making me uneasy.
Like, what?
I don't have the energy to comment on this. I hate dresses and jeans being combined. TIGHTS go with dresses and LEGGINGS (sometimes) go with dresses, actually more with tunics, but JEANS and dresses? Shut that down.
This Rodarte coat and Miu Miu boots are heinous. HEINOUS I tell you. She looks pretty though, so that's good.
Yes, Elle Fanning just wore this Rodarte dress and yes, I was uneasy when she wore it but she's the cutest creature ever so I'm okay with it. But I absolutely HATE these Jil Sander boots. They are horrible. Also, put the guitar down, Taylor.

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