Sunday, January 29, 2012

Shailene Woodley

Much against my will, I have come to really love Shailene Woodley in the past couple months. I only say "much against my will" because I've seen that show on ABC Family about her getting knocked up in high school and it's pretty bad. But I heard she wants to get off it, thank goodness, and I respect her even more. I'm also really sad that she wasn't nominated for an Oscar. Because I saw "The Descendants" and bawled my little eyes out. She was great. I still have to talk to the Academy about that one. Anyway, she came out last night to the Directors Guild of America Awards looking gorgeous. I love the styling, I love her hair and I love the dress. I just wish it had a nude lining. OH how I wish it had a nude lining. It appears to have pockets (Which I just love by the way. If I'm on the fence about a dress and then realize it has pockets, that's a done deal. It's so wonderful.) and with a nude lining, that wouldn't be so obvious. But despite the weird lining, I kind of love this. And her. Darn it.

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