Thursday, January 26, 2012

Leonardo DiCaprio

My boyfriend, Leonardo DiCaprio, arrived in Mexico with his girlfriend (For now...) Erin Heatherton. I have a few problems with this and they are as follows. 1. I thought Mexico was unsafe. I'mma need Leo to stay safe, gracias. 2. What are his clothes? I need this to stop. I know he's try to be like "normal" or whatever (I'll never understand celebrities.) but this is just ugs and unnecessary. I just want to help him. And kiss him. But mostly help him. 3. He seems to be confused not only about his fashion choices, but about his choice of Erins. CLEARLY he has chosen the wrong one. So silly. Shut it down, honey. Shut it down.
Also, this is all I see when I see headlines on celebrity sites like "Leo DiCaprio & Erin Whatsherface's South of the Border Getaway." So cute.

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