Saturday, January 14, 2012

AFI Awards 2012

The 12th Annual AFI Awards were held last night in Beverly Hills and a lot of my favorites came out to play. But what they came out to play in is my big concern. Shall we? (Oh and just in case you were wondering... Yes, all of these pre-Golden Globes/awards parties are giving me anxiety. I am only one person! I have only so many sassy and judgmental things to say).
I think that I actually really love the Honor dress Shailene Woodley wore. It's super delicate and feminine and I kind of want it. I am even okay with her Stella McCartney two-tone shoes. They're really cute. I think I'm okay with them because they are two-toned. I have been really impressed with her as of late. I do wish she had done her hair differently though, but whatevs.
JESSICA CHASTAIN. I swear to all that is good, sweet and holy in this world. I don't know what to do with her. Of course, in my mind, I am her stylist and her BFF and she listens to me. I loathe this Andrew Gn outfit. I absolutely loathe it. It is unflattering and as someone pointed out on Facebook, "It's called maid chic." It's actually called shut it down. She is so much better than this. (You should really like my Facebook page, by the way. I seriously enjoy seeing what you have to say about the outfits I love and loathe. It's entertaining).
I know this is mean, but Claire Danes strikes me as somewhat of a boring person. I mean, maybe she is loud and outgoing and maybe I am judging based off the characters I've seen her play. BUT choosing a boring Donna Karan dress like this doesn't help prove me wrong either, so...
What on Earth. Chloe Moretz has been choosing to wear some really aging and quite frankly unfortunate looking outfits as of late. I truly dislike this Versus outfit. TRULY dislike, my friends.
I love Leonardo DiCaprio. I do not, however, like his outfit.
I just want to give Rooney Mara a hug. She always looks so uncomfortable on the red carpet. Oh, and I really dislike her dress. And her eyeshadow. Is it, blue?...
I ADORE Judy Greer. Really, everytime she's in a movie, I always say, to the person I'm with, "Gosh, I love her." But I don't know if her super cute outfit was exactly appropriate for the occasion. I really do love it though. I would wear it out to dinner or something.
I can't figure out two things. 1. Who Emilia Clarke is. 2. Why she wore a dress far too big for her. Such puzzles.
Also confused as to why Ellie Kemper decided to wear an old bridesmaids dress. Oh wait, was she being ironic? I get it.
(Via Zimbio)

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