Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Teen Vogue February 2012

Elle Fanning is actually the cutest human being living today. With the obvious exception of Leighton Meester, of course. She's just so darling and poised. It's quite easy to forget that she's 13 years old. When I was 13, I did not look as cute as this. I had glasses, I had braces, I had a horrible haircut, I don't think I had ever met a pair of Tweezers and I think that's the year I decided to continue shopping at Limited Too. So, the fact that Elle Fanning is prancing around the pages of Teen Vogue has left me quite envious. But it's impossible to hate her when she's this precious. She graces the cover of Teen Vogue's February issue and I'm in love with it. I think Teen Vogue's February issues (and covers) are always their best and to be honest, I'm confused as to why Elle Fanning is just now getting her own cover. C'est la vie.
Despite the fact that I'm pretty sure they over-edited her face (AGAIN) she still looks darling. I mean, look at that hair. It's gorgeous.
This is my favorite. I love everything about it, from the headband down to the Bebe top. I know, right? Bebe.
I'm telling you, her hair is fantastic. She needs a contract with Pantene or Garnier Fructis or something like, yesterday.

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