Sunday, December 4, 2011


My sweet Internet friend (I refer to her as my "Internet friend" because I have only hung out with her once outside of the Internet. I truly love my Internet friends. They are so, so sweet and wonderful), Cami Donohue, an uber (So "uber" that it actually causes me to say "uber".) talented photographer (Check her out, I pinky swear you won't be disappointed.) and all around great person, is participating in Dressember and I think it is so cute and creative. Dressember is quite self-explanatory. Dressember = Wearing a dress each day in December. SO FUN. She did it last year and she's doing it again this year. It is so creative, I've never heard of anyone doing it before. I would love to join, but believe it or not, I do not own many dresses. So I am going to live through her, I hope she doesn't mind. (I also hope she doesn't mind that I am posting a picture of Dressember Day 1. It's just too precious).

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