Thursday, December 1, 2011

My December Must Haves

Due to the fact that I just switched my calendar to December, wrapped more Christmas presents and have an Amy Grant Christmas song stuck in my head, I thought this list was necessary. Here are some of my must haves for December. (Disclaimer: I am not suggesting that you wear all of these at once. You don't want people to run away from you). So these are just suggestions. I want some of these for Christmas too. I'm just throwing that out there.
One of my favorite senses is smell. I love that it can bring you back to a memory or make you think of a person. It's quite powerful stuff, my friends. When I think of Christmas, I automatically think of Winter scented candles. But this year, I am going to convince you to pick up the Illume Boulangerie Jar Candle in Vanilla & Fig. It is the most delightful scent. Ever. ($16 at Anthropologie)
I believe I poked fun at the OPI Muppets Nail Polish collection but "Warm & Fozzie" is kind of perfect for Christmas. It was actually deemed (By me) as the ultimate Thanksgiving nail polish color. True story. It's glittery, but not TOO overpoweringly glittery. It's just perfect. You need to go buy it. ($8.50 at Beauty Supply Stores)
These Curling Ribbon Studs in Gold are the perfect holiday treats for your ears. Aren't they precious? ($48 at Kate Spade)
This Belina Dress is a PERFECT holiday dress. Oh, the colorful polka dots are to die for. As are the tights and flats, but you have to be quite brave. ($375 at Kate Spade)
Your search for a New Year's Eve dress is officially over. This Nightfever Dress is perfect. ($228 at Madewell)
This Foxtrot Ring is SO CUTE I want to cry. Madewell also has a Foxtrot Charm, but I think this ring is so delicate and perfect. I wear a size 6. Just saying. ($15 at Madewell)
I am in LOVE with these Leopard Sheer Tights. I have a pair and they are the most comfortable and compliment receiving tights I have ever owned. In love, I tell you. ($14 at Urban Outfitters)
The cuteness that is this Stadium-Cloth Boulevard Trench in Saddle is kind of ridiculous. ($325 at J. Crew)
This Unconditional Osier Dress in Brown Motif is the cutest little thing I ever did see. I love it. ($168 at Anthropologie)
Sorry for all the Gap stuff. I work there. I stare at the product for HOURS. During one of my shifts last week, I realized I need this Faux Fur Tail Pouch in Syrup. I know you think I'm crazy, but it's a little bit fantastic and just the perfect pouch for the holidays. ($39.95 at Gap)
Skimmer Ballet Flats in Bright Ruby. This color is amazing. I am all about a) Flats b) Bright colored shoes. It's the perfect way to spice up an outfit. ($49.95 at Gap)

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