Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cosmopolitan Australia January 2012

NO. This is not a great "welcome back to the blog" present. Gisele Bundchen graces the cover of Cosmopolitan Australia's January issue which is whatever, all fine and dandy, but the cover shot looks awfully familiar. OH WAIT. That's because it's straight from her cover shot for Vogue's April 2010 issue. I mean, really. It bothers me when this happens for like, an ELLE shoot and then an ELLE UK shoot, but that's understandable because it's the same magazine family. This? This is unbelievable. I mean, to go from Vogue straight to Cosmopolitan Australia? No. And also, this is horribly photoshopped and horribly reversed and the rest of the photos in the shoot look like they came straight from the pages of a Victoria's Secret catalog. So, to sum this up, I hate it. I hate everything about it. I don't care if they can't afford their own photoshoot, at least pick outtakes. You know?
I mean... Really.

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