Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Vogue December 2011

Okay. We need to talk about Vogue for a second. I know, right? That should be an exciting intro to a conversation, or in this case, a blog post. But alas, this is not so exciting. I am quite disappointed and quite frankly a little bored with Vogue as of late. Charlize Theron graces the cover of Vogue's December issue which is all fun and games until you look at the shoot. The layout and feel of the shoot is very similar to November's cover shoot with Rooney Mara and the clothes all feel familiar. And a photoshoot in the water? Come. On. Haven't we done that a million times already, Vogue? I mean, is Anna Wintour currently working on another project that no one is aware of? Because this is kind of getting ridiculous. Perhaps my dream of taking Anna Wintour's job has a better chance of coming true? Oh no, is that overstepping? Oops. I'm just sorry I'm not sorry.
Fine. She's gorgeous. But that doesn't mean I like any of this. Her previous Vogue cover was 10x better.
Yeah, this reminds me of this picture:
I'm sorry, but what the actual HELL. What is this? Okay, I may go on a tangent and for that, I apologize. I saw this horrendous picture and thought to myself a couple things: 1. If you're going to do an underwater picture at least showcase a gorgeous gown and not just a plain Christopher Kane dress. ALSO she is almost unrecognizable in this picture. 2. And it reminds me of...
Yes. The mermaids in "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire." I mean, right? This is actually my least favorite part in um, all of the Harry Potter films because I have this weird fear of the deep dark ocean. Like, I can swim/snorkel the surface, but once the temperature and color changes I have a slight panic attack. This is all too frightening.
This Marchesa gown is pretty, but I'm not in love. I really hate all of this, you guys. I feel bad, but not bad enough to apologize about it quite yet.
I give up.

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  1. ....what? Those last two are especially beautiful.