Thursday, November 3, 2011

RPatz, KStew & TLauts

(Editors Note: I am not sure what Taylor Lautner's "nickname" is, so let it be). Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner's heinous portrayals of three of the most horrendous and boring literary characters will forever be cemented into our brains. So why Hollywood felt the need to give the "Twilight" stars their own piece of cement for handprints and footprints at the Grauman Chinese Theatre is beyond me. I mean, what? Because the cast of "Harry Potter" deserved their handprints and footprints, as did Marilyn Monroe and everyone else, but I mean, KStew and gang? No, sir. But on the bright side, yes I did manage to find something good, and that is Kristen Stewart's Marios Schwab dress. I kind of love it a lot. I even like her darker and longer locks, although they look greasy, somehow the color suits her. And this smile. I'm not used to it, but I welcome it with awkward open arms. Oh, and don't worry, she wore Brian Atwood heels for the pictures and Vans for the cement ceremony. Thank goodness. This dress, and the smile, is a good start for her upcoming promotional tour, so I'm hoping she keeps this up. I'm starting to have faith, KStew. Don't let me down.

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