Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cosmopolitan December 2011

Adele graces Cosmopolitan's December issue and as much as I hate blogging about Cosmopolitan, I just need to comment on the heinousness that is this magazine. I am having problems with Adele right now. I'm all for overexposure (I'm talking to you, Kardashians) when it comes to celebrities, and I love me some Adele. But I love me some Adele circa like, 2009. I can't handle her overexposure. But whatever. I just hate this cover. I hate her dress, like a LOT. And I hate the colors of the font and background and her nails are gross. I just can't handle Cosmo anymore. Also, WHAT are these captions? "Is Being Too Nice Holding You Back?" "When He Shouldn't See You Naked." Ugh. Liz Lemon eye roll please.

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