Wednesday, November 2, 2011

ASOS December 2011

YAY. What a truly pleasant surprise. After all that Emilio Pucci dress repeat nonsense, this is what I needed. Jessica Chastain graces the cover of ASOS Magazine's December issue and she looks beautiful whilst doing so. I really love almost all of these. I add almost because I do not like hats and for some reason they thought a leather hat was a good idea. I don't even...
This is my favorite picture. Those earrings are to die for.
I don't like her hair here. It looks greasy and crunchy. Two kind of awful combinations.
I love the back of this dress tremendously.
When I saw this I was automatically reminded of a scene from "The Debt" where Jessica was hosting a party in this adorable 1960s outfit. It may or may not have been my favorite part of the movie because she just looked so classy, put together and pretty. Like now.
Yeah. I mean, make this go away, someone!
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