Monday, November 14, 2011

Allure December 2011

Well I was planning on going to bed at 11 because you know, I'm really an old lady at heart, but I can't NOT write about this right now. Lea Michele graces the December cover of Allure and I am actually in love. I haven't been truly in love with a magazine cover shoot, especially Allure, for quite sometime, but this is actually perfection. While I must say, the Glamour UK shoot she did a few months ago was my favorite, but this blows it out of the water. That's a thing, right? She looks not only stunning, but so glamourous and classy. I am definitely loving this whole 1960s/Sophia Loren vibe going on. This whole look suits her very well. And due to the fact that I officially (Officially officially this time, guys) have given up on "Glee," I will not give up on her. This is a perfect way to end the year, I may or may not have to write to them...
I DIE. This is the cover shot and let me tell you, I haven't seen a cover shot this good since... I can't even. Probably since Allure's January cover with my girl, Leighton Meester. (Gosh I miss that issue. I may or may not revisit it). This is just wonderful.
Okay but yeah, her hair is kind of a hot mess. Maybe it's just the bangs. The bangs definitely need to be shut down.

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