Saturday, November 5, 2011

2011 LACMA Art + Film Gala

Tonight it seems as though I missed out on a very important gala. And by "missing out" I mean, I wasn't invited because I am not famous. Yet. Tonight was the LACMA Art + Film Gala Honoring Clint Eastwood and John Baldessari and was hosted by Gucci. So, it's quite safe to say that more than half of the guests were in fact, following gala rules, by wearing the designer. I am pretty speechless with more than half of the outfits tonight, which is always a good sign. What with award season just around the corner. Okay, it's in like 3 months, but still, it's a good sign!
Amy Adams was definitely best dressed of the night. The silhouette of this gown suits her perfectly, as does the delicateness. I love it all a whole heck of a lot.
Motherhood suits Rachel Zoe so much that I am going to give her two pictures. She looks BANANAS. I love this look, head to toe. I can't. (Also, Rodger's scarves kill me). So, she's definitely my second best dressed. Can I have a tie? It's hard to pick favorites. Even though I already did.
I am really not okay with anything going on here with Reese Witherspoon. I just really hate this dress. And with the severity of the dress, I think she should have at least some darker shade of eyeshadow on, no?
I LOVE me some Amy Poehler, I do. But I don't know why her stylist is urging her to wear skintight dresses. Not that she can't pull them off, that's not what I'm saying, they just aren't as flattering as say, a gorgeous Gucci gown with an empire waist. Right?
I still really love this couple and I am rooting for them to make it. I'm also really in love with Emily Blunt's gown.
I'm actually okay with everything going on here. Elisabeth Moss looked super pretty with a darker hair color and an effortless hair style. Her makeup is soft, but really brings out her eyes, and I truly love her dress, which came as somewhat of a surprise to me too. It's nice to see her in some dark colors every now and then.
Kate Beckinsale's Gucci gown is GORGEOUS but her hair is HEINOUS. Like, what on Earth? That is not flattering one bit. Low bun. Easy and done. None of this greasy hair fuzzball nonsense. Yeah, I'm assuming that's the official name of the hairstyle.
Uma Thurman was just having some problems tonight, wasn't she?...
Kate Bosworth looked like a precious little housewife from the 1950s and I LOVE it.
Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas have reunited! I'm going to ignore Joe's like "half-sneeze" facial expression and just focus on the fact that he's wearing a suit. I had another "We're dating" dream last night. I don't even know. I'm starting to take this as a sign.
This must've been awkward for Joe Jonas, my celebrity boyfriend, but Camilla Belle looked STUNNING per usual. At first I hated her hair, but now I'm more accepting of it. Kinda.
I love Evan Rachel Wood's dress and while I don't love her hair, it's very 1920s inspired and I love that. So I'mma let that one slide. For now. Ooh what if she had a turband on?? Yes, turband. Turban headband, people. That would've been even greater.
Olivia Wilde has too much going on. Her hair is so severe. Her eye makeup is even more severe. And her dress is kind of amazing, but it needs to be complemented with a sleek bun or ponytail (Okay, I guess the hair can stay...) and with golden eyeshadow instead of whatever this is. It's just TOO much. We get it, Olivia. You have weird shaped, gorgeous eyes. Also, a black clutch with a red gown? Shut it down. I need that to stop.
I'm not so in love with whatever Julie Bowen has been doing lately. I'm not sure metallics are her thing. I'm also not sure this hair style is the most flattering. She's really pretty, so it's not my favorite because it's just, well, yeah... You know. You can see it.
Not only is Kate Hudson GLOWING, but she was one of the only stars on the red carpet who actually appeared excited to be there. Her dress, on the other hand, not the greatest. Maybe she was hoping her cute smile would make people forget that it looks too big. If it fit her correctly, I would like it. And also, if it were floor length. So yeah, no. I would like the dress with some alterations.
LEONARDO DICAPRIO. Enough said. I want to makeout with his face. Or something less gross sounding, but equally as romantic. The man can work a suit. Although, I need to do something with his hair. The hair on his head and his face...
I'm not sure what we ever did to Marcia Gay Harden to deserve to see this. Granted, I didn't see the entire movie, but I'm assuming this is what Natalie Portman looked like towards the end of "Black Swan." You know, when she died. Or whatever. I told you I didn't watch the entire thing.
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