Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Giambattista Valli for Macy's

Last night Macy's previewed their newest collection, a collaboration with Giambattista Valli and I am kind of in love. There is a lot of cheetah print and red, which I am in love with. He said, of the collection, "This capsule reflects my enduring loves, but is really a celebration of my biggest inspiration of all - the energy and vitality of women themselves. I love dressing them for all their happiest moments, making them feel as special as possible. This collection is a passport into my world and a chance to experience the passion and romance of my house and Paris itself." It's really fantastic. The 17 piece collection will be available on October 26, (So exactly two weeks!) which is just in time for Christmas/New Year's Eve dress shopping! And it is all relatively inexpensive, ranging from $50 - $150. With cute pieces like these that is mere pocket change. I'm so excited about this and with it only coming to 225 Macy's stores, I'm praying it comes to mine.
These are all wonderful. Well, the two on the right are wonderful. I'm in love!
I'm really loving the dress on the left. It's super simple, but super, for lack of a better word, chic. Bleh. I hate myself.
OBSESSED OBSESSED OBSESSED. I need this dress. Of course, it's one of the $109 pieces, but how wonderful would this look (on me) on New Year's Eve when the ball is dropping in Times Square and I'm standing alone with my popper counting down? Yep, perfect and accurate visual. I need this dress in my closet. And by in my closet, I mean on my body.
I also need this dress. It's kind of incredible. I love the silhouette and the print is wonderful as well.
Amazing. Why doesn't it rain like I want it to in Los Angeles or Orange County?!
I would never buy these, partially because I can't pull them off, but still...

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