Friday, July 1, 2011

Teen Vogue August 2011

So far I have not been impressed with any of the August magazine covers. Seventeen, yuck. Glamour, you're even worse but I'll get to you in a second. But I must admit that I am obsessed with Teen Vogue's August issue featuring the lovely Taylor Swift. She looks gorgeous. She was on the cover a couple of years ago and to be honest, I'm not exactly sure why she's on there now, but she still looks pretty and I love not only the outfits, but her makeup and the setting of the photo shoot. Kudos, Teen Vogue! They've definitely won me back after last month's heinous Selena Gomez cover. Oh that was a sad time.
So yes, I'll admit that this has a definite 80's throwback look to it, but I kind of love it at the same time. I don't know, don't judge me.
I am completely obsessed with this Miu Miu dress. Like, really obsessed with it. Like, I kind of want it in my closet.
This Dior dress is perfection as well. I'm telling you, I am so impressed with this entire shoot.
So I know you can't really see the Anna Sui cardigan she's wearing, but I saw it in the behind the scenes video and it's really cute. I'll post the video next so you can see it because it's just THAT cute.

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  1. I love how these shots were taken. Very nice!

    xo Nettie