Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"Crazy Stupid Love" NYC Premiere

Okay. Can we just talk about how excited I am for "Crazy Stupid Love" to come out? Like, I'm not sure you understand. Girl crush, Emma Stone, and real crush, Ryan Gosling, in a movie together? Nay, playing love interests in a movie together? That is perfection. That is pure perfection. Speaking of perfection, let's talk about Emma Stone and her Tom Ford dress. I love it. My only suggestion is that she should've put her hands on her hips for solo photos. I can't tell if those wings are pockets or not, I'm pretty sure they're not, but if they are, she should've worked them. Fortunately for her, she's tiny and the dress comes in at the waist which makes it clear that she does not have pointy love handles like the rest of us. (Mine aren't pointy, but you know what I mean). Either way, this look is amazing and I love it. Oh and I put Ryan Gosling there for eye candy purposes only.

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