Monday, July 11, 2011

Baby Girl Beckham

You know, it feels like just yesterday I was reporting (Or whatever) that Victoria and David Beckham were expecting! So, yesterday, they gave birth to, what I am only assuming is the prettiest baby girl in the world, a daughter named (Wait for it...) Harper Seven Beckham. If that's not the cutest name, I'm not sure what is. Harper is adorable, first off. And evidently seven is David's soccer number. So, pretty much I love the name and I love that they finally had a girl so she can inherit all of her Mother's beautiful clothes, jewelry, purses, shoes, etc. I'm also just anxious to meet the British Suri Cruise. Eek. I love celebrity babies! But I'm also against seeing celebrities sell baby pictures for thousands of dollars. But I'm really selfish and just want to see the baby, so really, I'm an awful person.

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