Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Oscar de la Renta Resort 2012

I know, right? It's fashion show time again. As you know, I welcome any season, Resort included, into my life with open arms. The first half of Oscar de la Renta's Picasso/Spanish inspired collection was not grabbing my attention. With the exception of a few pieces, I wasn't hooked. (I mean, what are these hats? I hate them). I do like that ODLR is branching out, but it's not my style. That is, until I saw the striped swimwear. Oh. Oh. Oh. I love it. I especially love the pink one. It's so adorable, I want to cry. It's one of those pieces that makes me want to eat rose flavored macaroons and cry because I can't have it. So the swimwear was a sign of what was to come... Gowns. Oh, I love more than half of the gowns. They scream Oscar de la Renta which is what I love. I love that he can branch out and create what I like to call "Photocall Outfits" but then he goes right on back to the beautiful and lush gowns, what I like to call "Red Carpet Outfits." Self explanatory, I know, but I love the man and his art.
You guys, I love him. I love him so incredibly much. I want to be in that room. Oh, to be in that room. In due time, I will be that girl to his left. You just wait and see...
This reminds me of the dress Lea Michele wore to the Golden Globes this year. It's lovely, but the hat. The damn hat. I need it to go away forever.
Oh I think this dress is marvelous. Like, really pretty. If Blake Lively wasn't glued to Karl Lagerfeld's hip, I think this would be perfect on her. Okay, maybe that's just because I see slits and automatically think of Blake Lively. I can't help that. She has really great legs that she fancies showing off when possible.
Ooh I like that this dress reminds me of that Rainbow Fish book. Oh memories.
This has Lea Michele written ALL over it. Oh my gosh, will someone please let me be her stylist because I NEED her to wear this. I need her to wear it now. I adore it.
AHHHHHH. This is a cake Barbie come to life! Don't lie, you know exactly what a cake Barbie is. And I love that she has a sash. So she either won Miss America or she's wishing someone a Happy Birthday.
Okay, I'm just obsessed with these sleeves. If I were to ever stand by someone wearing this dress, I'm afraid my hands would eventually find themselves playing with the sleeves. They're magical.
Seriously, this hat needs to go, like now. And I'm not even showing you half of the hatted outfits. I really don't like them. I really don't like hats in general actually. It's a weird thing, I don't wanna talk about it.
I love this, but the hat is kind of throwing me off. I laughed and thought to myself "This is the female version of Jack Sparrow. Only, cleaner. And probably not as drunk."
I pray this only ends up in editorials and not on the red carpet. I feel like it could do some damage on the red carpet and needs to stick to being photographed.
OH MY HEAVENS. I am lusting over this dress. It's so fun. And is that a purse I see? I die. This is bananas and I love it.
Obsessed. Absolutely obsessed. I love everything about this. Like, I actually, literally love everything. Outfit, please be mine. Also, if I'm wishing for things, I'd also like her body.
So J. Crew, right? I love the contrast of the stripes and then the teal shoes. THIS IS WHY I LOVE OSCAR.
Meep! I love it all.
Okay, I only like the skirt. It's really cute. Imagine it, if you will, with a light creme or a rose colored top. Cute, no?
I actually like the print of this skirt and jacket. And I'm REALLY glad they made her hold the jacket instead of wear it because I know that I wouldn't like this outfit with the jacket on.
I like this. It's very much a "Photocall Outfit" or an "I'm meeting Leonardo DiCaprio for a business lunch meeting" kind of outfit. I don't know why Leo popped into my head. I miss him I guess. Well that and there are rumors of a romance with Blake Lively swirling and I half love that and half hate it. I haven't completely decided how I feel just quite yet.
This is my least favorite piece from the collection. Like, what is this print? I hate it and I hate that I hate it. Ugh. So Picasso, but yet, so not my favorite.

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