Sunday, May 29, 2011

Manicure Borrowed

Yep, that was my attempt at a clever title. I failed, leave me alone. So, a couple weeks ago, I saw the lovely "Something Borrowed" with my Mama for Mother's Day (I told you it was awhile ago, I am such a slacker), which I loved. But besides gawking over the gorgeousness that is Colin Egglesfield, the cleverness that is John Krasinski and the cuteness that is Ginnifer Goodwin, I couldn't stop staring at Kate Hudson's manicure. I know, I know. Random, right? Usually I'm not a fan of colored French Manicures, but for some reason, the chicness of Kate Hudson's character and the delicateness of her black French Manicured nails, had me head over well, nails? Nope, I'm done trying to be clever. Either way, I am getting my nails done with my sister for her Prom and I will be requesting a black French Manicure and I will be reporting back. Wish me luck.

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