Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Glamour July 2011

In light of Blake Lively's recent (Recent as in today) nude photo scandal, here are some fully clothed pictures of her posing for Glamour's July issue. You know, it's funny because just last night as I was lying in bed wide awake because as luck would have it the one time I actually try to go to bed early, I fail, I was thinking about all the June issues and who should and should not grace the covers of certain magazines and I was like "You know who hasn't graced the cover of the US version of Glamour yet? Blake Lively." and what do you know?! Here she is. I'm special like that, you guys. Anyway, I love Blake Lively. I love this shoot and while I still wish that I were dating Leonardo DiCaprio and running around Europe with him and while I wish she had kept her clothes on, I will not judge her too much. But seriously, Serena van der Woodsen, try and clothe yourself.
I feel like this should be the cover picture because (Surprise, surprise) she looks gorgeous. And can we just talk about how AMAZING these Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti shorts are? I'm determined to get shorts like this. Determined, I tell you.
I must say, I'm really glad that Glamour is branching out with their photo shoots and not just leaving their cover girls in a studio in front of a white screen. It seems as though someone's been reading my blog... Just kidding.
Oh, this is my favorite one. SHE. IS. SO. PRETTY.

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