Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fashion Quote of the Day

"I CAN BORROW ALL YOUR CLOTHES: Anything in your closet, no matter how fancy, is co-owned by me, your best friend. I can borrow it for as long as I want. If I get something on it or lose it, I should make all good faith attempts to get it cleaned or buy you a new one, but I don't need to do that, and you still have to love me. If I ruin something of yours and don't replace it, you're allowed to talk shit about me to our other friends for a calendar year. That's it. Then you have to get over it. One stipulation to borrowing your clothes is that you have to have worn the item at least once before I borrow it. I'm not a monster."
Mindy Kaling "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?"

*Mindy Kaling, of "The Office," may or may not be one of my favorite celebrities to follow on Twitter. She is so funny and entertaining, I just want to go to coffee with her just so I can listen to her talk about random stuff. But because I am not yet famous, I cannot just invite her to Starbucks to talk about how great it must be to lust over John Krasinski from far away and write funny one-liners for his character. But I found the next best thing... She wrote a book. And of course, I find the excerpt in the middle of my Spanish Language & Culture class and of course, I am reading it whilst in class and yes, of course, my teacher keeps calling on me. Anyway, go read the excerpt and then pre-order it on because so far, it is great and I love it.

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