Tuesday, May 3, 2011

2011 Met Gala

I apologize in advance for the length of this blog post, but I LOVE the Met Gala and I love a whole lot of these dresses and hate only a handful. My only concern is the fact that The Costume Institute Gala Benefit was celebrating Alexander McQueen and only a couple celebrities actually wore pieces from the late designer. I don't like when celebrities do that. But on the bright side, I do actually like a lot of the gowns, which recently has been rare. So let's begin!

I think Hailee Steinfeld may or may not be best dressed of the night. I am obsessed with all of this. I love her shoes, her makeup her hair and especially her Stella McCartney dress. Granted, I am sick of seeing Stella McCartney (Especially for this event) but I am in love with this. In love. Hailee, you are a star.

I LOVE Emma Stone. I love her Lanvin dress, I love her hair and I love her bright lipstick. I like that she is branching out with fun lipstick colors because a) It looks great with her blonde hair and b) She pulls it off. I just love this whole look.

Oh, Leighton Meester. I love her so incredibly much. But you knew that already. I know that I would hate this dress on someone else, but somehow I love this Louis Vuitton dress on Leighton. The fact that her hair is so slicked back definitely complements her strappy, sexy LBD. Gah, she is perfection.
Ah, my last girl crush, Lea Michele. I'm not in love with the big seam on her Escada gown, but I love the color and the silhouette. But let's face it, she always looks stunning on the red carpet and last night was no exception.
Oh, I love everything about Emma Roberts' look. I love her Old Hollywood hairstyle and her Michael Kors dress. Oh, it's gorgeous. She looks gorgeous. This is one of my favorite looks of the night.
Am I the only one who thinks that Ashley Greene's Donna Karan gown resembles the Valentino gown Anne Hathaway wore last year to the Met Gala? She looks gorgeous, obviously, but I had to do a double take. I love the train on this though, it's amazing.
THIS IS WHY PEOPLE HATE YOU VANESSA. It's because you do things like this. Okay, maybe that outburst is because I just watched "Gossip Girl" and I hate Vanessa. But Jessica Szhor. What on Earth? I mean, really? You are at the freaking Met Gala. I mean, a cocktail dress and messy bangs? You make me sick. Okay, that was mean, that was directed towards Vanessa. But I do really, really hate this.
Will someone please tell me why I love Elle Fanning's Valentino outfit so much? I mean, I am really truly puzzled. I also like Dakota Fanning's Valentino dress, but I don't necessarily like it on her. She looks very washed out. It would've looked great on Lea Michele or someone with darker hair.
I actually really like Diane Kruger's Jason Wu dress. I love the slit (It's very Blake Lively) and I like that the dress is simple, and yet elegant all at the same time. I feel like that's just Diane Kruger's thing though. Simple and elegant.
You know, I don't like Fergie's Marchesa gown as much as I had hoped. Maybe I just don't like it on her. I also don't really like her head band thing. Hair pins and headbands were quite popular on the red carpet for some reason... I'm still trying to figure that one out.
MEH! I HATE this Chanel gown on Freida Pinto. I absolutely hate it. I'm not a fan of women wearing ties in general but for some reason, this is just a hot mess in my eyes. BLEH. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it, okay?!
Naomi Watts Stella McCartney gown reminds me of the Monique Lhuillier gown Mandy Moore wore to the Oscars this year. Right?
Oh no, Sofia Vergara. What happened to you?! This Carolina Herrera gown is heinous. She's so beautiful, so I'm confused as to why she wore this...
Of course vintage queen Nicole Richie showed up in a vintage gown. I'm not in love with it but I don't hate it. Okay, well, I kind of do, but I'll be nice to her this time.
Oh, I thought I liked Demi Moore's Prabal Gurung gown, but I've changed my mind. It's kind of ugly. And what is with her Phillip Treacy headpiece? You're not in England and you're not Sarah Jessica Parker, so I'm confused...
Penelope Cruz wore an Oscar de la Renta gown (Lucky!) last night and ALSO brought Oscar de la Renta as her date (Ugh, so jealous!), so I really have no words. I'm really jealous. I don't like her clutch, but I love her dress. She looks beautiful.
I will NEVER understand Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Case in point: Mary-Kate's Givenchy Haute Couture dress. It's really fugly. Like, what?!
I actually kind of like Ashley Olsen's Christian Dior Haute Couture gown. It's very 1980s bridesmaid, but I kind of like that. Is that weird? Yeah, that is weird. I'm almost ashamed. Almost.
Aw, Alicia Keys showed up as a sixty year old. Oh what? No? That's not what she did? I'm sorry, I just assumed considering she is wearing a Mother of the Bride outfit... Okay, maybe that was a little mean. It's just that her Givenchy dress paired with the leather jacket is making me want to vomit.

I think I like Eva Mendes' Stella McCartney dress. The color looks fantastic on her. Like, really fantastic. And I also think I like her belt. Maybe. I'm on the fence with the belt.
WHAT THE WHAT, Kirsten Dunst? I LOATHE the Chanel dress she wore last night. She looks so incredibly frumpy, I can't even. Like, WHAT?
I actually really love Lala Vasquez's gown. She looks like a Princess.
Zoe Saldana wore a Calvin Klein Collection dress last night which explains why it is so boring. The color looks wonderful on her, but other than that... Yawn.
Dianna Agron showed up in a Michael Kors gown and I don't love the gown as much as I want to, but I love that she went back to dressing like the sophisticated celebrity I know she is. I've missed this Dianna Agron.
So, I love Ginnifer Goodwin's Topship dress and I love her necklace and dramatic eye makeup, but I still don't like her hair... And I hate her shoes. But other than that, bravo, Ginnifer.
Why are all of the Calvin Klein Collection dresses boring me so?! I guess I don't really like Claire Danes all that much, so that may or may not be a part of it.
FINALLY. Naomi Campbell wore Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen and rocked it. Oh wow, that phrase just aged me by like, 10 years. My apologies. I don't love her hair at all, but I love that she paid tribute. I'm really ashamed that the amount of Alexander McQueen gowns was so low.
You guys! Michelle Williams wore black! YAY! She showed up in this Miu Miu dress and I actually love it. I guess I just like the fact that she didn't wear cream, white or any other shade of white.
Oh, I don't like Karolina Kurkova's John Paul Gaultier dress at all. I love her dark lipstick though?... Silver lining!
I love Liv Tyler's Givenchy gown. A lot.
I'm actually kind of disappointed with Brooklyn Decker's Michael Kors dress. It's just THERE. You know?
Salma Hayek (Sidenote: It took me about 15 minutes to figure out how to spell her name. And by 15 minutes, I really mean 3, but still. That's just a waste of time. I was thisclose to just deleting her picture out of frustration.) wore an Alexander McQueen gown and while I don't love it, I still respect the fact that she wore a McQueen gown.
Oh dear. Apparently Beyonce and Jay-Z were booed for not posing for pictures long enough. I guess they were just having a bad night because I think Beyonce's Emilio Pucci dress is hideous. Evidently she couldn't walk in it either and her boobs are SO close to jumping out. Last night was just not her night.
Oh, Taylor Swift. HOW many times has she worn a J. Mendel dress and HOW many times have I gone "Taylor, this is so expected!"? Answer too many times. I have had this same conversation with her pictures way too many times. I mean, granted, this is a little out there when it comes to her usual dresses, but still. I'm so bored by it. I do like her makeup and her hair though. She looks beautiful despite the dullness that is her dress.
TOM. BRADY. WHAT IS YOUR HAIR? When Tom Brady is attractive, I like to think that he is related to me, but when his hair is ugly like this, I pretend he is a really distant cousin removed five times or something. (Note: He's not actually related, we just share the same awesome last name.) But, fortunately for his hair hideousness, his wifey Gisele Bundchen made up for it. She looked INCREDIBLE in this Alexander McQueen gown. I mean, oh gosh. She looks stunning. A job well done, Gisele. Now, please talk to your husband about his hair situation. It's causing me pain.
Oh. My. Twilight. Kristen Stewart, is that YOU? She looked really beautiful in this Proenza Schouler dress. Granted, I actually hate the dress, but she looks so pretty. And you guys, SHE LOOKS HAPPY. Okay, well this is a bad picture, but it was the only one I could find that was the same size (I'm anal about pictures and their sizes) and showed her dress. So, to sum it up, I'm really proud of her.
I hate Madonna's Stella McCartney gown. Plain and simple.
I am REALLY disappointed in Blake Lively. I do not like her Chanel dress at all. Her date was Karl Lagerfeld (Lucky girl) which makes sense as to why she wore Chanel (Well, that and she's the face of Chanel now too, but that doesn't matter to me.) but I'm just not pleased. And I mean, I think she should've worn a black or white gown and at least matched her date but oh well.
Jessica Alba looked like the Christmas ornament that only makes an appearance every other Christmas due to the fact that it gets lost in the boxes of ornaments. Don't pretend you don't know what I mean. I mean, she's like really wrinkled. But I do like the color, so kudos to you on that one. I think it's funny that she's hiding this pregnancy though. Aren't you supposed to embrace the "beautiful" time in your life?... But I admit, even though this Ralph Lauren dress is kind of a hot mess, she looks beautiful.
Ah, I keep forgetting that Kate Hudson is pregnant. I'm really not in love with her Stella McCartney dress either. It's hugging her in weird ways.
Okay, first off let me tell you that I have had J.Lo's "On The Floor" song stuck in my head for a week now. It's really annoying but for some reason I can't stop singing "La la la la la la..." constantly. So now let's talk about her Gucci dress. It's RIDICULOUS. I love it. I mean, I don't love it, I kind of loathe it, but I love it on her. It has her name written all over it. Fierce.
Gosh, Stella McCartney was SO popular on the red carpet. It's crazy. Although, I don't like Gwyneth Paltrow's Stella McCartney gown because I feel like she's worn it 100 times already.
Rihanna wore this Stella McCartney dress and I'm not sure I love it all that much. I love her hair style, but not for this dress or event. I don't know, it's missing something, but I can't put my finger on it.
THEY ARE SO GOOD LOOKING. They are good looking together and good looking apart. It's almost disgusting. You want to be mad, but you can't because they are just too pretty. Oh, but I love Miranda Kerr's Marchesa dress. It's all sorts of wonderful. Like, I want to wear it and pretend to do ballerina moves.
Renee Zellweger bores me and sometimes I can't figure out why, but then she wears a boring dress like this Carolina Herrera gown and I'm like "Yep, there it is. Here's proof." It's just there. You know? I don't know, I'm not buying what she's selling. (What is with me and embarrassing sayings? Who am I today?)

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