Saturday, April 30, 2011

"Lovestruck" Fragrance Presentation

Ah, the rest of the pictures from the "Lovestruck" fragrance presentation on Thursday were released and (This is very exciting) Leighton Meester wasn't wearing a jumpsuit! That is quite comforting because she has worn jumpsuits before, remember that risque black lace Marchesa one?, and I loved it once but I don't know if I could love another jumpsuit even if it is on Leighton. Granted, her outfit is nothing special, although I do like her top a lot, but when she poses with the perfume bottle, it takes attention off of her (Kind of) and onto the beautiful bottle. And did you see her bumblebee shoes? Adorbs. I really, really love them. I really, really love her. The ad campaign will make it's debut appearance in upcoming September issues and will be in stores in the U.S. in August and the U.K. on June 5 . Her TV commercial will run during the holidays, apparently. So, as long as I have the print ad, I'll be content for a bit.
She's too cute, I just had to overload this post with pictures. Oopsies.

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