Sunday, March 27, 2011

"Sucker Punch" LA Premiere

Oh, this is embarrassing. The "Sucker Punch" Los Angeles premiere was last Wednesday, which in fashion world means last year, but oh well. I'm a little too in love with some of the dresses to give up on these pictures and drag them to the trash on my computer. Anyway, I like a lot of these dresses, so shall we?...
I am in love with Jamie Chung's Giambattista Valli gown. Good heavens! The color looks amazing on her, I don't even know where to begin. And her nude shoes elongate her legs even more. Ugh. And her hair! I love it all. It's wonderful.
I also love Vanessa Hudgens' Jenny Packham dress. And I love her hair. Fashion-wise, she may or may not be redeeming herself. Her whole look is very old Hollywood, and I adore that.
I think I like Emily Browning's dress, but I'm not sure. It kind of looks like a tablecloth, no?
I do not love Jena Malone's Juan Carlos Obando outfit. I feel as though it would work best in an editorial. It's just very, no.
Ooh although it bothers me when celebrities don't wear dresses on the red carpet, I do love Emma Roberts' Razan Alazzouni top. It's really, really, really cute. What I find strange about Emma Roberts is the fact that she recently denied dating Dave Franco. I mean, I would embrace the CRAP out of that rumor. I mean, honestly. Have you seen him? Y. U. M. M. Y.
Oh, my boyfriend was also there with stubby looking legs. I need him. I mean, he needs me, to give him a wardrobe makeover. I just don't understand his pants... I'm also fixated on his pants because whilst typing this, I can only see from his elbows down.

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