Thursday, February 10, 2011

Vogue March 2011

Exactly a week ago, I went off about how displeased I was with Anna Wintour for choosing Lady Gaga to grace the cover of the March issue of Vogue. I mean, am I really the ONLY one who doesn't like it? And this time I'm not even going to beg that Leighton Meester gets a cover (Although she should, but different time and different place, right?), this just really bothers me for some reason. And I know I need to suck it up because well, what's done is done. Although, I'll admit that I like two of the photos, I don't necessarily like the outfits (Don't even get me started on the hair and makeup) but I like the scenery and whatnot. This is just all very unsettling to me.
I. Hate. Her. Hair. I also hate her eyebrows, or lack thereof. I mean, honestly. The one thing I do like is the color of the dress against the background and the pink font. But other than that, I hate it all. For serious, so bitter. I don't even know where this is coming from. She does look like a scary alien though, so maybe I'm just bitter against aliens?
This Alexander McQueen duck and ostrich feather dress is AMAZING. It kind of reminds me of something out of Harry Potter. Right? Like she's a magical creature coming out of The Forbidden Forest. No? Just me? Seriously though, she looks like an animal.
This Alexander McQueen dress is REALLY unflattering on her.
Fugly. Fugly. Fug. Ly.
I really can't stand any of these. This is frustrating me. I think they should've kept her in The Forbidden Forest area, but glammed her up.

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