Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kelly Osbourne for Material Girl

Oh heck yes. I am SO glad that Kelly Osbourne has taken the place of Taylor Momsen/I-Hate-Everyone-And-Everything-Because-My-Parents-Didn't-Raise-Me-Correctly-Jk-I-Love-You-Mom-And-Dad/Raccoon Girl/Little Jenny Humphrey! That is her full name, by the way. While Kelly Osbourne doesn't look super happy, she looks 100x happier than Taylor Momsen/IHEAEBMPDRMCJILYMAD (I have officially decided that I am going to refer to her as IHEAEBMPDRMCJILYMAD now) and I think Kelly is the perfect role model anyway. She's close with her Mom, she has a wonderful style and she's overcome so much in the past few years. That's more than IHEAEBMPDRMCJILYMAD can say for herself, yes? Very, very well done, Madonna, Lola and Kelly Osbourne.

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