Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jennifer Aniston

I have a handful of questions for Jennifer Aniston, so I will choose my top 3. 1. When did she get a haircut? It's very Rachel from Season 8 of "Friends." Or whichever season she was when Ross knocked her up. (Moment of silence for "Friends." Is it weird that the main things I want to know are a) Did Ross and Rachel get married? b) Did Joey ever get a ladyfriend? c) CHANDLER AND MONICA d) Chandler e) CHANDLER (I love him, okay?) f) Chandler and Monica's twins, I can assure you that I am not the only one curious to see if they did in fact raise a mini Chandler and a mini Monica g) Did Gunther ever find a lady? I kind of want him to be with Mona, moment of silence for her too. I liked her). Okay, I am done. I could honestly have a 4 hour conversation about "Friends." 2. Seriously, when did she get a haircut? She was in Berlin yesterday and I do not recall seeing her new hair. I admit, I was slightly distracted by her adorable dress, but still. Or maybe it was due to the ridiculous amount of wind that was going on yesterday. Either way, the ability to go from Berlin to Madrid in a day and come out with a haircut? My mind cannot grasp this. I want to be a celebrity, please. 3. Why is she ONLY wearing black? Seriously, she is so beautiful. She would look even more beautiful in color! I mean, try on a red dress, Jen. I just don't understand why she has stuck with black throughout this entire promotional tour for "Just Go With It." So, to summarize this: I love Jennifer Aniston and her haircut. I want a "Friends" reunion. I hate her pants, you can't see them, but believe you me, they're fug.

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