Tuesday, February 15, 2011

BAFTA 2011

On Sunday, some of my favorite celebrities made an appearance in London for the Orange British Academy Film Awards, also known as the BAFTAs. Shall we?
Sweet, sweet Amy Adams. She looks stunning in this Elie Saab gown. The color is gorgeous and this silhouette makes her look fantastic. I really adore all of this.
I love Emma Stone and I actually really love her Lanvin gown. This photo is not doing it justice because I swear to you, it's pretty. The top is a lighter shade of red and the bottom is darker which would be impossible to figure out if you were just basing that off of this picture. Sad times. But she looks great and I LOVE her hair like this.
Honestly, it's impossible NOT to love Emma Watson. She's perfect. She looks even more perfect in this Valentino Couture dress. I know I say it everytime, but I still miss her hair. I respect and admire the fact that she manages to rock this look. I'm forever jealous.
I don't like Hailee Steinfeld's Miu Miu dress, but she still looks really precious. I'm quite eager to see what she wears in two weeks.
Noomi Rapace looks fierce in this Givenchy Couture gown. I could see Blake Lively wearing and owning this. But I mean, if we're being honest, she could wear a potato stack and I would still be praising her.
Really, really, really don't like anything about Jessica Alba's Atelier Versace gown. I don't really like the color all that much and I hate her hair. Why was she even there?! She doesn't make movies worth recognizing...
WORST NIGHTMARE! A dress made completely of velvet. Velvet that is so velvety that you can see the texture in pictures. I do, however, like the color of Julianne Moore's Tom Ford gown. Navy blue looks amazing on red heads. Her lipstick, however is not good. Not good at all.

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