Tuesday, December 28, 2010


First, I apologize for saying SOS, for now either the ABBA or Jonas Brothers songs are stuck in your head. Really, I'm sorry. Second, I really do need to send out a SOS. (The international Morse code distress signal, for those who don't know) for I need OPI's 2009 Holiday nail color Merry Midnight. I got a pedicure today and chose the most amazing color, Merry Midnight, and I am obsessed with it. Being an avid OPI fan, I was shocked to find out that Merry Midnight is an old color and is sold out EVERYWHERE. If you have it and want to sell it to me/buy it for me I would be forever in your debt. Or something.
(Her nails are fugly, I apologize once again. But the color is bananas).

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