Monday, December 13, 2010

2010 Hollywood Style Awards

For some reason, award shows always happen on the eve of a day of finals for me. I don't know why, it's like they know I have to study, but they want to test me. This time, I showed some self-control and I'm quite proud of myself. Anyway, the 2010 Hollywood Style Awards were last night and some of my favorite stars came out to play. Leighton Meester was unfortunately missing from the bunch, for if she had been there, all of this would've been 10x better.
I always love when Lea Michele shows up to the red carpet. She always looks stunning, which is why I am giving my style award to her, but more on that later. I love her shoes and I love the simplicity of her dress. That and the fact that her dress has pockets. I LOVE when dresses have pockets, especially hidden pockets. Just wonderful.
As much as I love Katie Cassidy's Edition by Georges Chakra dress I still kind of hate it right now only because I hate Katie Cassidy's "Gossip Girl" character so much, so I'm taking it out on this gorgeous dress. I am also frustrated that we have to wait until the middle of January to watch a new GG episode. It's all just piling up and pissing me off, which is a bummer because Katie actually looks quite gorgeous. It's nothing personal...
I love my Glee boyfriend. He always looks so dapper in a suit.
Considering Selena Gomez is the only sane Disney girl (Demi's in rehab, Miley gets high, etc.) I can only imagine the pressure she is feeling to continue being the little sweetheart she is. I do not, however, like anything about her dress. Not even the shiny part. It's really, really ugly and her black shoes are not helping the situation. Maybe next time, Selena. I know you have potential.
Oh, Kate Bosworth. This Jil Sander outfit is not as awful as it could be. I mean, granted, I don't like it, but the color is nice?
I literally have no idea why she gets invited to all these soirees. I can only name three things she has done: 1. She was in "When A Stranger Calls." 2. She was Joe Jonas' girlfriend. 3. She was the face of Vera Wang's "Princess" perfume. Other than that, she really has nothing else. Fortunately for her, somehow she gets invited to these things and somehow she manages to look beautiful. Although I don't like her dress this time, she still looks gorgeous. Lucky b.
I kind of love Victoria Justice's Vivienne Westwood cocktail dress. It is all sorts of wonderful. I don't like her purple Brian Atwood shoes though. They've gotta go.
Oh no, Emily Blunt. What on Earth?...
You know, I don't hate Odette Yustman's dress as much as I originally thought I did. It's kind of growing on me.
Zooey Deschanel kind of bothers me. I don't know why, she just does. Sometimes she is precious, but other times I just want her to speak up and try a little harder. I just, meh. I don't like anything about this look. It washes her out and it's just bland.

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