Sunday, November 7, 2010

MTV EMAs 2010

Oh sweet goodness. Rihanna's dress is so magical that I can't even focus on anyone else, but for the sake of my blog, I will. The MTV EMAs were today in Madrid, Spain and although I am a little disappointed at the lack of people who showed up, I'm still pretty pleased. Well, with the exception of Taylor Momsen and Ke$ha, but I didn't have high hopes for the two of them.
OH. MY. SWEET. GOODNESS. I can't get over the gorgeousness that is Rihanna's Marchesa dress. I know, right? It would be Marchesa. I am obsessed. Like, oh goodness. It's amazing.
I hate that I don't hate Eva Longoria's dress.
Okay, I had to put a picture of the back of Miley Cyrus' Dolce & Gabbana dress only because it makes the dress a tiny bit better. The back, I love. The front, I loathe. It's just too much. With the high neck and then all her hair, I don't like it. Her bracelets are fantastic though.
No words. I have no words to describe how much I hate this. Like, I can't even begin to list everything I hate. It actually makes me want to cry. What is your life, Taylor Momsen? What runs through your head when you put your "clothes" on? Is your immense amount of eyeliner impairing your vision? I just don't understand. Please, enlighten me.
Snooki's life is a joke and so is her dress.
You all know how much I love Katy Perry, but I don't love her Jeremy Scott dress one bit. Her hair is a tiny bit hideous as well. I mean, of course she looks gorgeous, but I hate her outfit. I vote yes on another LED dress, please.
I ju$t threw up. Thi$ i$ revolting, I can't even proce$$ it. Ke$ha, you just... Ugh. So much fug in one picture.

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