Monday, November 29, 2010

Heel Condoms

Heel Condoms. Not only is the name clever and a little bit funny (I laughed, sue me.), but the whole concept is actually quite genius for women who don't want to buy a countless number of heels for the holidays. According to the website, they are "Condom-like covers that let you play dress up with your shoes. These fit any stiletto type heels be they medium or high heel shoes." They then list perks which I will let you read on your own. Regardless of the name or warnings, I still think this is a really clever idea. Although the only question I have is are they comfortable? In order to use the heel condom, you have to place the elastic under your heel which could be annoying, but beauty is pain (Or in this case, annoyance), right? I only own a couple pairs of heels (Shocking, I know. But I'm a flats girl,) so I won't be buying any condoms, but by all means, buy away, ladies!

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