Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"Easy A" LA Premiere

The LA premiere for "Easy A" was last night and I'm not sure you know just how excited I am to see this movie. Like, I really don't think you know.
Oh. My. Gosh. Remember that Emilio Pucci dress that Mary-Kate Olsen wore on the cover of Marie Claire a few months ago? You know, the one I was obsessed with? Yeah, my new favorite, Emma Stone, most definitely wore it to the premiere last night. I could not be more excited about it if I tried. I love this dress so so so much.
I feel like I should love Taylor Swift's dress, but I kind of don't. Her shoes are really dang cute though, I'll give her that much.
I love Patricia Clarkson and I love the color of her dress. She looks wonderful in it.
NOOOO! Phoebe! What were you thinking?
I know that I should love Aly Michalka's dress, due to my strange obsession with exaggerated shoulders, but I really don't. Maybe the reason I am not loving any of these dresses is because I am so infatuated with Emma Stone's dress.
What on Earth is Dan Byrd wearing? I love him on "Cougar Town" and then again in "A Cinderella Story," but this outfit is all sorts of wrong.

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