Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Twelve" NYC Premiere

Oh. Um, I don't think I like this little number that Blake Lively wore to the premiere of GG co-star Chace Crawford's new movie "Twelve." A movie I won't be seeing, despite the lovely eye candy from Mr. Crawford himself, for it looks very dumb. Anyways, I mean, I'm glad Blake Lively is confident and such (I mean, can you blame her? She looks amazing almost 95% of the time), but I am not feeling this outfit. When I saw it close up I actually scrunched my nose. Tsk tsk, Blake. But I do love that she came out to support Chace's movie. Presh.
Unfortunately, Jessica Szhor also came out to support her (sometimes) co-star. But by the looks of it, she almost missed the premiere because she was in a deep sleep. Clearly she didn't have time to get ready, so she just threw something on (Clogs included) and ran out the door. Oh, wait. That's not what happened? Could've fooled us, Vanessa. Could've fooled us.

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