Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Good Idea or Bad Idea: Nylon Blogs

I have been thinking about this article all day and I have absolutely no idea why. It's starting to piss me off actually. So naturally, I have decided to write about it. Someone over at Nylon Blogs has a bone to pick with Jeffery Kurland, the costume designer for the movie "Inception." First off, let's talk about how good "Inception" was (Oh, to be "stuck" in a dream world with Leonardo DiCaprio for fifty years...). If you haven't seen it, I demand that you stop reading my blog, jump in the car and get your butt to the movie theatre. Or you can finish reading my blog and see the movie tomorrow night. Second, if you have, in fact, seen the movie, you will know exactly what little Anonymous blogger over at Nylon is talking about... Ellen Page's character's neckerchiefs. Apparently she has a problem with them, but I thought they were actually quite nice. Clearly this blogger had nothing better to do throughout the movie (Which is kind of impossible, I mean you have Leo, you have Joseph Gordon-Levitt in a suit, you have an intriguing storyline, you have incredible cinematography... Need I go on?) than to sit there and hate on all her neckerchiefs. Who even calls them that? It sounds so pompous, even if it is the "correct" name. I thought they looked cute. Not only did they tie (No pun intended) her outfits together, but they went very well with her character. So, to wrap this up. I am right and this Nylon blogger is wrong. Although, I would like to comment on how much I truly disliked Leonardo DiCaprio's outfits throughout the whole movie. I CANNOT handle denim on denim, even on him. I just can't. I hate it. But they made up for his fugly outfits when they put him in suits, so I guess, all is forgiven. Now go! Go see the movie!

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