Thursday, June 24, 2010

"The Romantics" Cast

The cast of the new movie "The Romantics" (aka. A movie I am dying to see. I mean, Malin Akerman, Josh Duhamel, Dianna Agron and Adam Brody all in one movie? Yes freaking please) all gathered for a photo shoot to promote their movie and I am a little in love. They modeled pieces from J.Crew's Fall 2010 Collection and I am seriously obsessing over some of the outfits. I. Love. Sequins. And Josh Duhamel. Luckily, those two are not mixed, but they are close and I love them equally. And even though I don't care for Katie Holmes, I still really like her outfit. Kudos to J.Crew and the stylist. (Damn it. "Kudos" is back. I apologize for that). I definitely have to say that Malin's outfit is my favorite. I would like to own it, please. Oh, and I want to kiss Adam Brody on the mouth. No big deal. (Via

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