Thursday, May 20, 2010

Harper's Bazaar June 2010

I really like Katherine Heigl. I've always liked her, even despite her kind of obnoxious comments to the press in the past, I still like her. That could also be because "27 Dresses" is my second favorite movie of all time. Anyways, she graces the cover of Harper's Bazaar's June issue and when I woke up (31 minutes ago) and saw it, I actually said "Aw, she's so cute!" outloud. To myself. She really is too cute for words. I'll always like her, I'm sure of it. So, suck on that, Perez Hilton. She's great. You're, well, yeah. (He hates her, just to clear that up). Anyways, she looks gorgeous and I'm quite eager to pick this issue up.
This is my favorite picture. She looks flawless, the dog is so cute, the bed looks comfy and I love her Marc Jacobs outfit. Perfection.
This is my second favorite picture. She is so cute! This all Prada outfit is a little to die for.
I heart ruffles. I also heart Oscar de la Renta, so I should be in love with this dress, but I'm not completely sold on it quite yet. I actually thought it was a coat when I first saw it. Her Marc Jacobs pumps are kind of fantastic though.
Gah, so precious. So 1950s stay-at-home Mom. I kind of wish I could see this Louis Vuitton dress in color, but even in black and white, I like it lots.
I was literally JUST talking about how I want a fun coat. I want to live in New York. I know it's not as cold anymore, but still. This Lanvin coat is amazing. I want!

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