Thursday, May 27, 2010

FLAUNT Magazine

I don't know why I hadn't heard about this before. Like, I'm legitimately puzzled as to why this has just surfaced. Anyways, Kristen Stewart graces, (Okay, "graces" is probably the wrong word, how about "stumbles"), stumbles onto the cover of FLAUNT Magazine's April issue. I know! April. I am so out of the loop, it's embarrassing. But I actually like the shoot, so I'll let this one slide. Her hair is still seriously disgusting, but I like the accessories featured in this shoot and the set is kind of great. Ugh. I hate when I have good things to say about her. But seriously, her hair is going to be the death of me. How hard is it to do a left, right or side part? Seriously.
This is my absolute favorite picture. This bracelet is AMAZING. It has the potential to be an awkward picture (With her arm placement and such) but I actually really love it.
I really like these two pictures too. The dress is fabulous, the boots are not.

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