Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kid's Choice Awards 2010

Award shows! Award shows! Even if it is the Kid's Choice Awards, I still love all award shows. Shall we?
Call me crazy, but I love Rihanna's Christian Dior dress a whole heck of a lot. Her skunk hair, however, I could live without.
Oh, little Selena Gomez. She is always so precious.
First, could she HAVE anymore hair? Second, she does look really pretty.
I surprisingly actually really like Nikki Reed's Cynthia Steffe dress. It's very springy and I appreciate that every now and then.
Holy Mother of all that is good and holy. Lea Michele will never cease to amaze me. How amazing does she look in this potentially disastrous pink Zac Posen dress? I feel like this could've ruined some people, but she is working this dress like it's nobody's business. I adore it! And Cory Monteith looks awkward and adorable as always.
Sweet Jesus, what is Katy Perry wearing? I mean, her outfits really don't surprise me anymore, but this dress by The Blonds is a little bit ridiculous and therefore reason #12890 why I love her.
Do I like Demi's Black Faith dress? Um, I haven't decided yet. I think I do, but it looks like something she's worn before. She should try maybe not wearing black for once. Eh?

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