Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fashion Citation Number Seven

Okay, don't get me wrong, I love my moccasins. I really do, but I prefer to wear them with a white Hanes v-neck and my skinny jeans, NOT a sun dress. An effing sundress and moccasins. Really, Girl in my American Government class? I mean, I guess some people could pull that off, but not her. And it's an ugly sundress too. And to top it all off she has paired her navy blue sundress with a dark green backpack and crazy hair. It's called a brush GIMAGC (Girl in my American Government class, GIMAGC will be her nickname from now on). People never cease to amaze me. Change your shoes, brush your hair, lose the backpack and throw that dress away. Remember, I do this because I care. Well, and because she is sitting in front of me and I can't not look. Mm, now back to learning about... uh, something involving the American government ;)

Next on my list: Find out why the Guy Who Thinks He Knows Everything (GWTHKE) always wears ugly hats. I'm sure with a haircut his hair would look fine... American Government can be so dang interesting sometimes.

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