Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"This Is It" Premiere

Let's just talk about some of the outfits I did and did not like on the red carpet for the premiere of Michael Jackson's "This Is It."
I have a crush on Katy Perry, I think she's super adorable. I mean, sure she's kind of weird, but weird in an "She's just being Katy" kind of way. But what I am really in love with his her dress. It's unique and gorgeous and if I had her figure, I would definitely wear it.
Oh, Jennifer Lopez. I like her dress, hate her boots.
Paris, Paris, Paris, Paris. What the crap are you wearing? Or not wearing for that matter. Safety pins? Really? It looks like she took two pieces of fabric and safety pinned them together. Honey, you have enough money to buy a whole island, the least you can do is buy an outfit that's in one piece.
Oh good Lord. Gross. Julianne Hough, what on Earth are you wearing? She looks like a vampire, you know minus the whole blood sucking thing. I just do not like this. I don't like vampires either, so I guess that just makes the outfit 10x worse.

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