Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Skinny-Jean Syndrome

I love my skinny jeans, they are my life's song. (R.I.P. Skinnies with zippers, you'll forever be missed). I shudder to think that I actually wore flares - flashback to the pink cast, anyone? So now that you know exactly how much I love and appreciate all types of skinny jeans, here we go. In September's issue of British Cosmopolitan I came across something that just tickled my fancy.
"It was first identified in the '70s, but research shows that skinny-jean syndrome (aka neuralgia paresthetica) is back. Symptoms are tingling or numbness of the thighs, caused when too-tight jeans press on the nerves at the top of the leg, and can be made worse by a skinny/stiletto combo. If you're suffering, stick to boyfriend jeans while the nerves repair themselves." British Cosmopolitan, September 2009.
Interesting, right? I'm about 90% sure that I have this. I mean, my jeans aren't super, super tight, but I often feel numbness and tingling, mostly tingling, in my thighs and I couldn't figure out what it was, now we know. I have skinny-jean syndrome. Awesome.

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